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May 20, 2011


I attended the CSUSM student film festival on May 13. There were so many great video shown for example, Eros, Karim’s Dream, and a Music Video called Pearls of Pauleen. Eros won the best cinematography award. They definitely deserved it. My video was also shown at the festival and it won an award for best public service award. That was a great honor to receive that award. The was also a video called, “The quietest place on earth,” it was a video that followed a young woman around Disneyland but the only sounds she could hear were her own. She stood inline and bought an ice cream and the crunching of the cone was the only thing you could hear along with her biting her nails and screaming on the rides. Her voice and sounds were the only noises on the whole thing. I thought it was a very interesting approach.

I attended a showing of the Misanthrope play put on by the Acting class here at CSUSM. I was surprised that I was able to understand the play so well being that it is in that Shakespearean dialog. “The play follows the hilariously thorny love-life of the irascible Alceste and the coquettish Célimène, who put the concept of “opposites attract” to the ultimate test. Considered one of the greatest comedies in Western literature, Molière’s play begs the question: what is worse than being the only (self-proclaimed) honest man in a world of liars, gossips, and fools? To which he answers, being head-over-heels in love with the chief offender among them. As the play pokes fun at the hypocrisies of French noble society, it also spotlights the innate flaws which all humans possess.” From the school’s websites description. I loved the acting of the students in the play especially the woman who played Célimène. For being put together in one three months the students did a wonderful job and I was very entertained.

I attended the senior projects showing for the VPA seniors on Tuesday May 10. There were many great video shown, my favorite being a short film on Love produced and edited by Kai, Jermain, and Mikey entitled Eros. The cinematography was so amazingly clean and beautiful. They depict a story of love with in the lives of two people. They being with showing a few shots without any other characters that show a preview of what is to come, an empty filed, swings, and a hospital bed. The story goes on by showing the couple at their young years and the fun they have, then they show the mid life years and they have a fight, then the film ends with the older years where the husband comes home with flowers for his wife and finds her laying on the ground. They show they hospital bed with the wife laying lifeless and the husband by her side morning. The swings are shown in the beginning when the young couple are swinging together, youthful and happy, and at the end they show the older man swinging by himself. There is also a heart shaped necklace that travels through out the film with the couple and at the end the old man lays the necklace on the lifeless wife. I cried when I saw this film. The story line is based around a score of music that stimulated the soul and really lets you feel the moments in each shot. I loved it! They are supposed to release the film to youtube next week, look for it!

I attended the CSUSM community service awards on May 3. My group and I from Video and community were nominated for an award for the work we did for the Vista Community Clinic. We produced a video for them that was not you usual run-around when talking about re-productive health. The clinic did not want a video that was full of statistics and boring dialog. We came up with the idea to depict a story line of a teenage boy and girl who go on a date to the movies, go back to his place, have unprotected sex, then venture off to the clinic separately to get tested for STD’s, and for the girl to get the morning after pill. We showed how simple and easy it is to go and get the free services provided by the clinic for teens. There were also many great video that were also nominated such as TYA, Homeless Youth, and the YMCA. We ended up winning the award making it a great night for our group!

October Country is documentary film directed and produced by  Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher. The film was part of CSUSM’s Media Maker series. This film was a relief for me to see as a documentary. I really enjoyed the cinematography, especially all the B-roll that made the film stand out for me. Michael Palmieri’s use of his surroundings to emphasize the characters and the overall vibe of Don’s family from central New York is innovative and genuine. The film introduces us to all the members of the family in a very unique and interesting way. For example when Don, Don Jr.’s father, first appears there is a shot that remains in my memory of Don smoking a cigarette and the use of the smoke from the end of the cigarette. The smoke is very mysterious and a bit gloomy, much like Halloween.

The relationships that we see as a viewer are distorted, dirty, and un-stable. The character that seems to have hopes of breaking this “cycle,” is Desi. She says some things that blew my mind to hear. She says things that shouldn’t make a any sense but strangely when you are viewing the movie they are understandable for that moment, “The bright side to playing video games is that I watch less T.V.” Desi’s view of what is logical and normal is very much distorted because of the life and the family she is brought up in.

There was one scene that I especially liked that used a great choice of B-Roll and that was when Don and Dottie were speaking of what was normal to them and if normal fell on them they wouldn’t even know what it was. As Don is finishing his sentence the film cuts to a trash truck dumping a dumpster onto its back. Using this shot as B-roll for that exact statement fits so well. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it to everyone.


May 13, 2011


April 29, 2011